Freshwater Fish Distribution in Western Australia
Freshwater Fish Distribution in Western Australia

The Freshwater Fish Distribution website is an interactive online tool that enables users to search all available information on the distribution of native and introduced freshwater fish and crustaceans in Western Australia.

This website contains historical records of freshwater fish collected in WA. It is constantly updated with new records of native and feral fish distribution provided by Department of Fisheries researchers, universities and other agencies.

As the custodians of freshwater fish and this Freshwater Fish database, the Department of Fisheries will aim to provide other agencies with up-to-date consolidated distributional information for native and feral species. This can be used to focus and prioritise conservation, rehabilitation, feral species eradication and native fish restocking efforts on those waterbodies and species at greatest risk.

Please Contact Us if you would like to contribute to the Freshwater Fish database.

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